Research project CHILD-WAR receives NWO grant

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awarded a grant for Dr. Marieke Hopman and Dr. Guleid Jama newest research project CHILD-WAR. This research builds upon their previous research on children’s rights in de facto states. The Faculty of Law congratulates Dr. Hopman, Dr. Guleid Jama and their team on this wonderful result!

The research project ‘When a non-existing country is at war - what happens to the children? A study on the rights of children living in de facto states during war and in post-war situations’, also CHILD-WAR, focuses on children living in de facto states during or directly after war. They lack protection under international law, because the state in which they live is not a UN Member State. In war situations, it is unclear which international law applies (if any), and who bears responsibility to protect the children involved. The CHILD-WAR project will provide answers to these legal questions. In addition, it will provide data on the children’s rights situation in three (areas of) de facto states that have recently experienced/are experiencing war: Gaza (Palestine), Nagorno Karabakh (Repubic of Artsakh), and Las Anod (Somaliland).

CHILD-WAR is led by Guleid Jama, who recently obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Law with his thesis on children's rights in Somaliland. Together with two other researchers, he focuses on the case studies within the project. Dr. Hopman's role is limited to supporting the team and overseeing the project management.

NWO SDG Scaling Grants

Next to CHILD-WAR, four other research projects were granted within the call call ‘Tackling Global Challenges through Use-Inspired Research SDG Scaling Grants’. This call is a follow-up to the 2017 call of the 'Tackling Global Challenges through Use-Inspired Research' research programme. Together, the five awarded projects will receive a total of €573,210.

The SDG Scaling Grants call offers researchers an opportunity to promote the practical application of tangible solutions from research findings at various scales. The objectives of this call are to promote the scaling up of promising innovations to achieve the goals of the SDG agenda. It also supports the associated conceptual knowledge base and the learning and research capacity of early career professionals.

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