Rectification Keuzegids Universiteiten 2017: UCM best university college in the Netherlands

Today, Keuzegids Universiteiten published a new ranking based on additional data. With a total of 98 points University College Maastricht (UCM) rises to first position, which is head and shoulders above other University Colleges.

‘For the ranking that was originally published on 15 November (see this news item- ed.), we used data from national datasets. The results of the University Colleges in Utrecht, Middelburg (part of the University of Utrecht) and Maastricht turned out not to be completely unbiased, because formally, these UC’s form a programme with another programme.  In Maastricht this concerns the  Maastricht Science Programme; in Utrecht  the ‘free’ Liberal Arts and Sciences programme’, Keuzegids stated.

Read the full Keuzegids press release   (available in Dutch) for an overview of the new scores.

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