15 April 2016

Raymond Luja in RTL Z article

In an article by RTL Z prof. mr. dr. Raymond Luja, of Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law, has contributed about the topic of tax law. 

Europe is leading when it comes to measures against tax evasion

Prof. mr. dr. Raymond Luja, Professor of Comparative Tax Law at Maastricht University, has suggested that legislators should adapt the law when issues regarding tax evasion occur. But, it is also up to the management of companies whether they should be reluctant. He would be reluctant himself. "Companies that use these types of structures should receive more attention than companies that do not use these type of structures.", he mentions. And that is not favourable for such a company. He states that when consumers are displeased, it is usually temporary.

The OECD and the G20 have made suggestions against tax evasion and they hope that countries will change their tax law, but they cannot force it. Europe is now globally leading when it comes to measures against tax evasion. As The Netherlands currently holds Presidency of the European Union, it wants to pass through a couple of measures before July 1st. In case they do not achieve this, the next president shall finalize this. They cannot leave it for another half year. "For the European Commission it is one of the top priorities, and currently there is momentum", says Luja.


Source: RTL Z 'Belasting ontwijken moreel verwerpelijk'