27 March 2018

Radically new approach of self-care for Alzheimer's patients

ICT4Life is an EU-funded project. Its objective consists in implementing an innovative platform that connects patients, families, health professionals and care-givers through user friendly tools, using results of intensive research in emerging technologies in machine intelligence, computer vision and ambient sensing. The platform is aimed at facilitating patient empowerment, supporting care-givers and establishing cooperation channels within professionals for integrated care.


Maastricht University through the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)/ Robots, Agents and Interaction (RAI) group is playing a central role in the project since its beginning in 2016, by conducting cutting-edge research in ambient intelligence and user modelling and creating personalized models of indoor activities for the older individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The ICT4Life technologies will allow to:

  • Monitor the patients in real-time to alarm and call for early intervention
  • Prevent fall risk, social isolation, depression, poor well-being and inadequate medication management
  • Promote patient’s independency, safety and social involvement
  • Provide on time support to care-givers, helping them to feel less stressed

Team Members

Dr. Stylianos Asteriadis
Assistant Professor at DKE (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Mirela Popa
Postdoctoral Researcher at DKE

Mr. Dario Dotti
PhD candidate at DKE

Mr. Matteo Amestoy
Research Associate

Applicability for Alzheimer’s patients

Its specific role focuses on Artificial Intelligence instruments for patients’ activity recognition, multimodal fusion and personalization, using optimization techniques. The approach prosed for discriminating between normal and abnormal behavior patterns was presented in the VISAPP’17 Conference.

As a Consortium member, the University of Maastricht plays a key role throughout all phases of the project, and especially in evaluation procedures, integration, single modalities validation, data pre and post-processing and dissemination in major scientific events in the field of behaviour analysis, image processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

ICT4Life: Abnormal Behavior Detection for Alzheimer's patients