Prof. Ellen Vos awarded EU funding to establish the Jean Monnet Agency Research Network

Professor Ellen Vos is awarded EU research funding to establish the Jean Monnet network entitled he Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN).

TARN aims to promote  academic scholarship on the agencification of EU executive governance and to create a platform for dialogue between academics and practitioners. Together with Bruno de Witte and Esther Versluis (FASoS) she will collaborate with eight other partners in this network: Michelle Everson (Birkbeck College), Deirdre Curtin (European University Institute), Renaud Dehousse (Sciences-Po), Johannes Pollak (Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna), Giacinto della Cananea (Tor Vergata Rome), Herwig Hoffmann (Luxembourg), Jarle Trondal and Morten Egeberg (Arena Centre for European Studies, Oslo), Christian Joerges and Mark Dawson (Hertie School of Governance). In the upcoming three years, TARN will organise various workshops, conferences, PhD master classes and stakeholder events. For more information please contact Ellen Vos (

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