Prof. dr. Stef Kremers succeeds prof. dr. Nanne de Vries on the FHML Faculty Board and MUMC+ Executive Board


1 November 2021, prof.dr. Stef Kremers is appointed as vice-dean of FHML and a member of the Executive Board of Maastricht UMC+. His portfolios will be established in consultation with the dean and the other members of the FHML Board and soon communicated. Stef also remains active in education and research.

Stef has a long career at Maastricht University; he studied Health Sciences in the nineties, obtained his PhD in 2002, was selected for the FHML Top Talent program and appointed in 2013 as a full professor with a specialized remit in Prevention of Obesity. Since 2017, he has been Division Leader within the NUTRIM research school. In 2018, he became chair of the department of Health Promotion and full professor of Health Promotion.

Dean Annemie Schols: “I think it is important that the unique, broad profile of our Faculty (Health Sciences, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences) is anchored in our FHML Board. Prevention and health promotion are also crucial in the Healthy Living Strategy of Maastricht UMC+. I am delighted that Stef, a true connector, with his drive and fresh perspective on the broad impact of FHML for public health, is committed to our joint mission, in this new administrative position at this stage of his academic career.”

Stef is looking forward to his new position: “The practice of public health, care, science and education demands an integrated approach more than ever. Faculty and hospital have a lot of challenges and opportunities internal, within the region and national. I’m looking forward to contribute, as a member of the board, in strengthening and safeguarding the efforts that have been made in recent years.”

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