10 April 2020
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PECUNIA and the Coronavirus Outbreak: Societal Impact of a Disease

The current situation with COVID-19 affects the entire society: schools and shops are closed; a part of the working population has to work day and night, while others lost their jobs. Just these few examples already illustrate how a health issue can affect the whole society, including the education sector, the labor market and other sectors that are of economic relevance. As this pandemic is not under control yet, it is hard to oversee its total economic impact on society. In the field of health economics, researchers aim to estimate the economic impact of, for instance, diseases. By doing so, they eventually strive to keep healthcare affordable and accessible for everybody. In this short article, we will introduce health economics and describe how it relates to the coronavirus outbreak, and how the outbreak highlights the relevance of the Horizon-2020 PECUNIA research project, in which Maastricht University is currently involved.