New podcast episode with Cecilia Malmström

The Globalization & Law Network is thrilled to announce the new episode of the podcast ‘Conversations: Globalization and Law’ featuring Cecilia Malmström, former EU Commissioner for Trade and Home Affairs. It delves into a diverse set of issues, ranging from the EU’s trade position and policies to the forthcoming European Parliament elections. The episode is hosted by Andrea Ott and Belén Gracia. The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Earlier this year, the Globalization & Law Network had the privilege to welcome Cecilia Malmström as a speaker in the context of its seminar series. Co-organised with the Maastricht Centre for European Law (MCEL), this insightful event brought together both staff members as well as students interested in international and EU trade law. In her talk titled 'EU Trade Policy and Geopolitics’, Malmström delved into the recent transformations of the EU’s strategies for trade. Following the rise of protectionism and national security considerations, the EU is forced to rethink its approach to the negotiation of trade agreements. Although the EU is committed to sharing good practices with other countries, it is yet to establish a stronger collaboration with its allies to strengthen the WTO and elaborate a coherent stance on engaging with states like China. Malmström underlined that globalisation should be responsible, transparent, and sustainable, and the legal framework for trade should reflect these objectives.

Following Malmström’s presentation, Dominic Coppens and Belén Gracia, who acted as discussants, offered their thoughts on the challenges raised and potential means of overcoming them. Among other issues, they reflected on legal pathways towards ‘green’ trade and possible reform of the WTO dispute settlement.

The Globalization & Law Network is grateful to Cecilia Malmström for her visit and generosity. 

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