New MCEL member: Miriam Kullmann

Miriam Kullmann is an assistant professor in Labour Law at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and researcher at Leiden University (The Netherlands) within the Labour Law Department.

She has a vast experience in doing (comparative) research on cross-border labour mobility and the enforcement of posted workers’ and Union workers’ rights. Her PhD thesis, which she successfully defended on 15 April 2015, is titled ‘Enforcement of Labour Law in Cross-Border Situations’ and has been published with Kluwer in 2015.Since then, she has published on a variety of subjects that are related to cross-border worker mobility, their rights and how these rights are enforced, not only from an EU and national labour law perspective, but also from the perspective of private international law. Besides cross-border worker mobility, her current research moreover focuses on the labour market position of older workers, the EU’s policy aspirations and how these influence Member State actions. This second research focus has beendeveloped during her stay as a postdoctoral researcher at Lund University (Sweden) from January to June 2015 within the Elder Law Programme, supervised by Prof.Ann Numhauser-Henning.

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