New MCEL Associate Scholars

MCEL warmly welcomes its two new associate scholars Ana Ramalho and Kathrin Hamenstädt.

Ana Ramalho is an Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property at Maastricht University, with policy and legal expertise in the field of EU intellectual property law. She hold a PhD from the University of Amsterdam on copyright lawmaking in the European Union. Her current research interests include benchmarking for EU legislative activity in copyright, and the role of disruptive technologies in intellectual property.

Kathrin Hamenstädt is DAAD-lecturer at King’s College London since September 2014 and hold a PhD from the Maastricht University. She worked for the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Foreign Office, as well as the European Law division at the German Parliament’s Scientific Service. Her research interests lie broadly in the area of migration law, European Union law (free movement of persons) and German constitutional law.

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