National CTL network meeting at EDLAB: Advancing collaboration and expertise in education

Representatives from Centres for Teaching & Learning (CTL) at 14 Dutch universities convened at EDLAB on 5-6 October 2023, for the 7th CTL network meeting. This marked the first two-day meeting since the network's launch 1.5 years ago.

The network was established to foster collaboration and exploration of educational themes, providing Dutch CTLs with a platform to share their knowledge and experiences. CTLs hold a pivotal role in the National Growth Fund programme (NPULS), contributing to the ongoing professionalisation and development of teachers and educators.

During the meeting, discussions centred around the exchange of ideas regarding Problem-Based Learning (PBL), programmatic assessment, and the future direction of the network.

The gathering presented an opportunity for Maastricht University practitioners to showcase their expertise in education and to share their practices in PBL and programmatic assessment with other higher education institutions. The knowledge gained from this exchange will be applied to tailor these insights to our own context.


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