Mien Segers and Katalien Bollen (ERD) in expert meeting Bureau Smart Industry

On Wednesday 4 November 2015 Mien Segers and Katalien Bollen from the ERD department participated in an expert meeting on the theme “Continuously Learning”, organised by Bureau Smart Industry (Dutch Industry Fit for the Future). This meeting is one of a series of theme meetings organised by Bureau Smart Industry (experts from FME, TNO, Kamer van Koophandel and Ministerie van Economische Zaken) in close cooperation with FNV, CNV, TNO, AWVN and Koninklijke Metaalunie.

One of the action goals of Bureau Smart Industry is to speed up the process in Fieldlabs. Simeon de Smet, MSc. Management of Learning student, is analysing data for the Fieldlab Social Innovation.


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