MERLN-AMIBM collaboration paper winner of JMR Paper of the Year Award

A paper on thermoplastic scaffolds in tissue regeneration, resulting from an inter-faculty collaboration with Prof. Jules Harings of the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM) and members of Lorenzo Moroni's group, has won the Gordon E. Pike Prize for the JMR Paper of the Year. The other MERLN members involved in the research were Andrea Calore, Carlos Mota, Ane Albillos Sanchez, and Shivesh Anand.

As part of the award, the paper entitled "Shaping and properties of thermoplastic scaffolds in tissue regeneration: The effect of thermal history on polymer crystallization, surface characteristics and cell fate" has been made Open Access on the JMR publication website. The award also comes with a prize of $1000. 

Congratulations to all on winning this award and on this succesfull collaboration with our colleagues at MERLN.

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