8 November 2016

MEBIT alumna, Rodica Ernst, wins NRO education prize 2016

Rodica Ernst (Udens College) and the META team, consisting of Plonie Nijhof (Hermann Wesselink College) and Joris Ghysels (Maastricht University) won the NRO education prize for their research on the META method they have developed.

META method

The META method is developed to teach students to think in steps. The method exists of three elements: A META map, mind mapping and discussing meta-cognitive theorems. The META map is the most important element and was first developed for mathematics.

The map exists of three triangles, one step for every step in the thinking process. The first step is ‘understanding’, with meta-cognitive questions about the text. The second step is ‘connecting’. The data, the question and prior knowledge are being connected to each other. In the third step a strategy is chosen that will fit best with the data and the question. The final step is to ‘check’ the solution and outcome. The goal of mind mapping is to reproduce prior knowledge and to structure/organise information. Talking about meta-cognitive theorems is important for the awareness of the learning process.

"With the META method they have created a powerful tool to improve learning achievements, self-regulation,  learning strategies and motivation of students. The jury thinks the META method is inspiring and extremely valuable."

 NRO Jury 2016