15 November 2022

MCR Robotics Session During MaastrichtMBA

Last Thursday, Prof. dr. Dominik Mahr, dr. Kars Mennens, Mark Steins MSc. and Bente Peusen organized a session about ‘value creation with service robots’ during the Digital Strategy week of the MaastrichtMBA. They facilitated in-depth analyses of actual use cases and discussions about both the business case and when human-like robots are desirable. With this input, the students then designed their own robot and considered how its implementation would affect an existing value network of customers, employees and managers. It was great to witness the lively discussions and interactions with Temi!

The Maastricht Center for Robots seeks to stimulate the adoption and implementation of service robots, thereby having a sustainable impact on customers, patients, employees, organizations and society at large. It aims to do so by bringing together and building a community of various stakeholders from the quadruple helix (industry, government, knowledge institutes and citizens) and synthesizing research, education and impact. 
In case you are inspired to join forces with the Maastricht Center for Robots or if you are interested to learn more, get in touch through LinkedIn or our website.