MCR Earns Esteemed Robert Johnston Best Paper Award for "Journal of Service Management" Research

The Maastricht Center for Robots (MCR) has been recognized for its exceptional contribution to the field of robotics with the prestigious Robert Johnston 2022 Best Paper Award. The award-winning research titled "The Service Triad: An Empirical Study of Service Robots, Customers, and Frontline Employees" was published in the esteemed Journal of Service Management.

This empirical study delves into the role of service robots within the service triad of technology, customers, and frontline employees. Through a combination of a field study at DADAWAN and scenario-based experiments, the researchers aimed to understand the impact of service robots' value perceptions and the quality of employee-customer interactions. The findings reveal the complex interplay among these key actors and their influence on customer repatronage. Moreover, the study highlights the utilitarian value of service robots and offers valuable insights for service managers, robot engineers, and policymakers regarding potential augmentation or substitution roles within the service triad.

As part of its dedication to disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation, the MCR extends an invitation to access the award-winning paper freely. The full article is accessible at

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