MCICM’s collaboration with philharmonie zuidnederland and the journey towards innovation

Stefan Rosu, director general and artistic director of philharmonie zuidnederland, recently published an article on Arts Management Network about the orchestra’s journey towards innovation. In the article, Rosu walks us through the changes the orchestra has been undergoing including the need for innovation with internal as well as external input. 

news item MCICM January 2019

For Rosu, a crucial point for innovation was to set up an academic research centre that could collaborate with philharmonie zuidnederland with clear research lines. After proposing the idea to Maastricht University and setting up the collaboration with Zuyd School of Applied Sciences, the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music was created.

The centre will work together with the orchestra’s innovation team to set up experiments based on the centre’s expertise in innovation and cultural participation. MCICM will also gather research about musical cultures, concert formats and audience studies to further the discourse on classical music innovation.

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Arts Management Network, 2018

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