Martijn Spruit receives ERS Lifetime Achievement Award




About Martijn Spruit

Martijn  is professor at NUTRIM and executive board member at Ciro in Horn. His research is driven by his ambition to improve the health status of patients with chronic respiratory disease.

As a physiotherapy/rehabilitation scientist, his research builds towards a paradigm shift in the organization of care of this large patient population. A shift beyond the traditional focus on drug therapy, towards an integrated allied healthcare. He (co-)authored of more than 400 peer-reviewed English-language papers and has been engaged towards ERS and European Lung Foundation for many years in different roles, including Head of Assembly 9 and co-chair of multiple international Task Forces.

Annually, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) honors highly regarded senior scientists who have made significant contributions to the respiratory field.

Congratulations Martijn, with this achievement and recognition.

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