MACCH film programme and annual conference during TEFAF

The Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH) will organise several events during TEFAF. The film programme ‘Fake it or leave it’ will be held at Lumiere Cinema on 15, 16 and 17 March. During MACCH’sannual conference on 18 and 19 March, scholars, professionals and students will reflect on questions of fairness and justice in the light of recent developments in the worlds of art and heritage.

The conference “Fair and Just Practices: Art and heritage worlds from the perspectives of markets and law”, organised by MACCH in partnership with the Bonnefantenmuseum, aims to analyse and contextualise (un-)fair practices in art and heritage worlds from a variety of disciplinary and trans-disciplinary perspectives. For instance, while we currently witness a global explosion of art and heritage markets with billion-dollar auction sales dominated by ultra rich buyers, most individual artists cannot earn a living wage. And as subsidies are cut for public art and heritage institutions, ever-larger private museums emerge that house the art collections of the super rich – who in return may claim tax reductions for their philanthropy. But these issues of income inequality and distributive justice are by no means the only matters of fairness in art and heritage worlds today: A surge of art forgery cases, the illicit trade in – or restitution of – looted objects of art and heritage, as well as controversies regarding the conservation of artworks hint at further challenges and risks, respectively. How can art and heritage worlds fairly acknowledge these economic, political and ethical challenges and mitigate the legal risks? What are best practices of fairness and justice when it comes to building and reassuring trust and transparency in the market, as well as when it comes to establishing and enforcing necessary legal frameworks and regulations in art and heritage worlds at large?


The inaugural lectures of dr. Rachel Pownall and dr. Pip Laurenson are on Friday 18 March. The keynote speaker on Saturday 19 March is Dr. Olav Velthuis (Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam), who specialises in economic and cultural sociology.


In collaboration with Cinema Lumiere and Studium Generale, MACCH organises the moderated film series “Fake it or Leave it: on fair and just practices in art and heritage worlds”. Preceding the conference, from 15 to 17 March, the film series aims to analyse, visualise and contextualise (un-)fair practices in art and heritage worlds from a variety of disciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

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