12 November 2019

Maastricht University expands with science faculty in Randwyck

The new ‘residents’ of the Paul-Henri Spaaklaan are: the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) and are mainly concerned with data science. In December 2019, staff of the south tower will move in and from January 2020 the first students will receive education in the new building in Randwyck.

Construction plan in 3D

Frencken Scholl Architects carry out the design, renovation and refurbishment of the building. The university’s steady growth has led to an urgent need for more space. That means: an extra challenge for the architect to develop a smart construction plan that ‘overlaps’ different design phases. They overcame this challenge with the use of 3D models.

Because we drew the design in 3D from the start, certain choices quickly became clear and we were able to receive important input at an early stage.
Frencken Scholl Architects

Sustainable renovation

Because the building was already designed as an office building, the existing basic structure of the building will remain unchanged: a central corridor with offices and/or educational spaces on either side. Also, most floors and the underground parking structure will remain in their current state as much as possible including the sanitary rooms, elevators and stairwells. Only the ground floor will be repurposed for education with the installment of several big lecture halls.

This saves time, costs and has less impact on the environment. With limited resources, the building will be upgraded to a contemporary and future-proof building where students and staff will feel at home. The interior design will get a natural, transparent look and feel by using glass, natural wood paneling and shades of green. The first occupants (students and staff) will move into the new building in January 2020.

We have thorougly analysed the existing building, the intended purpose of the building and the wishes of the users. And we came up with a design that optimally reuses the existing structure where existing characteristics have been strengthened to create a modern and extremely useful educational building.
Frencken Scholl Architects