Maastricht Science Programme Alumna Patricia Ogger wins national thesis award for biology.

Out of many applications sent in by students from all over the Netherlands, Patricia Ogger (and five others) were nominated for the award, also known as ‘The Darwin’.

During the National Biology Student Congress (LCBS) in Burgers’ Zoo, the nominees had to present their thesis in front of a jury. Thanks to Patricia Ogger’s passion and in-depth knowledge on the subject, she won the national thesis award for biology.

The National Biology Student Congress  is a yearly congress for bachelor and master biology students. During this event, students have the opportunity to present their thesis with a presentation or poster.

About Maastricht Science Programme

Maastricht Science Programme is an internationally oriented, Liberal Arts & Sciences programme. Founded in 2010, it welcomed its first students in September 2011. The Maastricht Science Programme is unique in its kind. Students are free to design the programme of their choice by choosing courses from an extensive offer of natural science courses, combined with interdisciplinary courses. The Programme is part of Maastricht University and is an honours programme with a high workload for motivated students.

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