Luc Soete one of the authors UNESCO Science Report

The ‘UNESCO Science Report, Towards 2030’ has been launched in Paris on 10 November.  Professor Luc Soete, Rector Magnificus at Maastricht University is one of 35 authors of the report and lead author of the Executive Summery. The report describes the trends and developments in science, technology and innovation policy and governance between 2009 and mid-2015 and provides essential baseline information on the concerns and priorities of countries that should orient the implementation and drive the assessment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the years to come.

The UNESCO Science Report series was launched in 1993 under the name of World Science Report. Since 1993, six reports have been published. The reports monitor the evolution of the support system for science, technology and innovation worldwide over time, through the eyes of an independent team of experts who are each writing about the country or region from which they hail.

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