Lizzy Boots nominated for Young Outstanding Researcher Award

The Young Outstanding Researcher Award is a talent award for young researchers who combine exceptional scientific achievement with great social relevance in the field of dementia in the Netherlands. In addition to the award, the winner receives 100,000 euros to continue dementia research. The award is presented by Alzheimer Nederland.

Dr. Lizzy Boots is a psychologist and has been working as a researcher at the Alzheimer Centre Limburg (part of Maastricht University/MUMC+) since 2012. Her research focuses on the prevention of overburdening for informal caregivers of people with dementia.

Partner in Balans offers support during the pandemic and beyond
The coronary pandemic made remote support necessary, but also after that, the search for solutions for the ever-growing group of people with dementia and their loved ones continues. In order to continue providing support, Lizzy is researching suitable methods, such as the online course Partner in Balance. Through the course, caregivers experience more self-confidence and control, which has a positive effect on their quality of life.  

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