9 August 2019
Summer in Maastricht

Little free time this summer

Arlette Ramos Gonzalez, master’s student in Medicine

Why are you spending the summer in Maastricht?
“Normally, my summer would be a couple of weeks relaxing on the beach somewhere where the water is cristal clear, but this year I'm doing my clinical rotations for my Surgery internship. This internship takes place at the two locations of the Zuyderland Medical Centre (in Heerlen and Sittard). Because it's so close I still live in Maastricht and travel back and forth every day; 1 hour by train or 15 minutes by car. I don't have a car, so when I can carpool with another student I'm so thankful because I get to sleep 30 more minutes!”

Are you enjoying the clinical internship?
“I'm absolutely enjoying it. The day starts at 7:30am, which is really early but everyone is super nice and there is always a nice vibe going on. The surgeons as well as the doctor-assistent are great people to work with, who love to teach us about everything.”

Have you stayed in Maastricht over the summer before?
“This is my first year staying in Maastricht for the summer and honestly, I love it. Maastricht always has such a charm, no matter what season or how the weather is like. I love this city.”

How about during your free time? Any plans?
“I don't really have free time this summer. Normally, I would be free on Saturday but for this internship in Surgery I sometimes have to work on Saturday, from 8:00am till 9:00pm. And every Sunday, I have my part-time job at the hospital in Maastricht. So, little free time.”

Will you at least see some friends in the city this summer?
“Luckily for me our study association (MSV Pulse) has planned some fun evenings for all the interns who have clinical internships in the summer. So I will get to have some fun with all the other Medicine students who have to work this summer during their internship. We get to enjoy the summer weather at last.”

Talking about the weather this summer: how did you ‘survive’ the heatwaves?
“The heatwaves this summer were insane but during the day I didn't notice the heat because I worked inside where we have airconditioning. The only annoying moment was when I had to take the train/bus from and to the hospital.”

What are your plans for after the summer?
“After I'm done with my surgical internship in October, I'll finally have vacation! I'll be going to Portugal for two weeks and just relax. I'll enjoy the good food, the good wine and the good company. I would also love to have a clinical internship abroad in the future. Most of my student peers who have gone abroad for their clinical internship tell me how cool it is. So I hope I get the chance to do the same. I still have some years to go, so I might be able to make it happen. Where? I don't know, but somewhere where I'm allowed to do a lot because that's where you learn the most!”

By: Marion Stijnen