18 June 2018

Life Time Achievement Award for ICIS Prof. Pieter Glasbergen

Prof. Pieter Glasbergen received the Life Time Achievement Award (LTA) for his research on Partnerships for Sustainable Development at the CSSI conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A critical thinker

The chair qualified Pieter as an excellent researcher, a critical thinker, and an inquisitive human being. Pieter’s approach is always critical and international and he demonstrates that it is possible to combine disciplines.

The award was also initiated as an encouragement to younger scholars to follow in the paths of well-known international scholars.

An inspiration to his students

His legacy is more than just his books, articles and insights but also his coaching and supportive action towards aspiring young scholars. Pieter has the ability to offer his students strong guidance, while giving them control over their own work.

Two of his former PhD students underlined this strong connection between Pieter and his students during their speech by saying that he and his wife Wil welcomed many PhD students into their home, showing that support does not end with commenting on a paper or discussing research ideas, but also has a social side.

Pieter Glasbergen is honorary professor at Maastricht University (International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable delopment ICIS) and emeritus Professor of Environmental Studies, Policy and Management at Utrecht University and the Dutch Open Universiteit. He chairs the Maastricht-Utrecht-Nijmegen Programme on Partnerships