18 May 2016

KNAW appoints two UM members

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has appointed sixteen new members, two of which are professors at Maastricht University: Karin Bijsterveld and André Klip. KNAW members are leading scientists from all disciplines and are selected based on peer nominations from within and outside the Academy. KNAW has approximately five hundred lifetime members. The new members will be officially instated on Monday 12 September 2016 at the KNAW Trippenhuis.

Karin Bijsterveld (54) is professor of science, technology and modern culture at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Maastricht University. Her research focuses on the cultural history of sound, which makes her one of the pioneers in the interdisciplinary field of Sound Studies. Bijsterveld has published on the history of noise, the relations between technology and music, the rise of car radio, and the role of listening in science and engineering. Her work has also attracted public interest. She collaborated with the Amsterdam Museum on a simulation of the sound of the Dam in 1895 and 1935, and did advisory work for a London Science Museum project.

André Klip (51) is a professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Transnational Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law. He is a leading Dutch and European authority on international and European criminal law and criminal procedure. Professor Klip made an important contribution to European criminal law research, a field that was on the verge of becoming obsolete twenty years ago and is now beginning to flourish. He has always been involved and committed to legal practice, having contributed to proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.