Jacqueline de Groot working for ITEM

Jacqueline de Groot is delighted to support ITEM in the upcoming year and a half as advisor external affairs.

In 2016 and 2017 Jacqueline was active as quartermaster Public Affairs at Maastricht University, in order to take primary steps in pro-active lobbying activities towards Brussels and The Hague. Besides input of Maastricht University in the lobbying activities regarding 'Brightlands', she focused on three substantive pilots: Data Science, Regenerative Medicine and the Expertise Centre ITEM. Special attention in these pilots was given to the internal connection and cooperation within the organisation itself, but also facilitating the external cooperation with various stakeholders and relevant partners.

In 2001 Jacqueline started as Public Affairs Advisor at the 'Huis der Nederlandse Provincies' in Brussels for the three southern Provinces of the Netherlands. Her pioneering work in the European network in cooperation with other organisations, provinces and ministries demonstrated the need for cooperation and sharing knowledge and experience, as well as standing by your own input and position. Jacqueline is used to actively opening up her networks and to connect colleagues with one another, cooperating on all levels to be able to anticipate the political-administrative dynamics in a quick and flexible manner.

Together with the current ITEM team and the external partners, she vows that she wants to take action in the area of external affairs by seeking connections and interactions. The mirror of the outside world and the role that can be played in the outside world, steers our input and the added value that ITEM can offer as an advisory institute when it comes to cross-border issues.

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