Jacco de Vries featured on 'Makkelijk Praten' podcast

What’s the matter? Everything! Everything is matter! Even the opposite of matter, anti-matter, is actually just matter. But then mirrored over in time, space and charge. Complicated stuff, but not for Dr. Jacco de Vries.

He is working with CERN and is trying to build more sensitive sensors for the LHC, so they can make particles collide even faster and Jacco and his team can measure the presence of anti-particles even more accurately. Next to talking about (anti)matter, in the podcast they talk about artificial intelligence, about baby bottles that are roughly millennia old and our favourite Netflix series.

About Makkelijk Praten

'Makkelijk Praten' (translated: easy talking) is a podcast in which hosts Adriaan and Sander have a light, breezy talk with young Dutch scientist about their research, science related news.