Extra-curricular course 'Introduction to Chinese Law'

'Introduction to Chinese Law' Course

METRO introduced the extra-curricular course 'Introduction to Chinese Law' to  Maastricht University. The course is almost exclusively taught by Chinese (current and former) PhD researchers affiliated with the Faculty of Law and/or METRO. It will run from October until December 2023.

Course organizers are Kena Zheng (who initiated the idea) and Niels Philipsen, with Michael Faure and Mariolina Eliantonio as advisory members. Speakers include Niels Philipsen and Michael Faure, Pengfei Wang (Science Po), Kena Zheng, Xiaoli Xu, Tongle Si, Xi Lin, Guotong Shen, Qian Li, Doudou Huang and Haiyang Yu.

The course consists of five classes, each of which includes two lectures . The interest in the course turns out to be enormous: more than 125 students and some staff members registered! 

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