14 Dec
18:00 - 20:00
Freely accessible after registration

Extracurricular course - Introduction to Chinese Law

Are you enthusiastic about broadening your global outlook and expanding your knowledge of foreign legal systems? Are you interested in learning the basics of the Chinese legal system? Do you wish to enrich your curriculum by demonstrating that you are an active student who takes part in extracurricular activities? Then the Introduction to Chinese Law extracurricular course is just for you.

This freely accessible short lecture series provides insights from Chinese law scholars on Chinese law and the Chinese legal system. The lecture series will run from October to December 2023. It consists of five interactive lectures presented by UM staff members and external experts and a session of group presentations. Maastricht University students will be invited to attend all lectures on-site together with experts and coordinators. These students are eligible for a certificate of attendance (see the information under the registration link).

Interested students are invited to join the information session on 10th October at 18.00 at Board Room (Faculty of Law, B1.019).
You can also contact Kena Zheng by email kena.zheng@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Please note that the deadline for registration is 17 October at 15:00 p.m.



5 Lectures & 1 group presentation


17 October

General introduction & Constitutional Law 

Michael Faure

Niels Philipsen
Pengfei Wang
31 October

Public Law
Administrative Law & Environmental Law

Kena Zheng

Xiaoli Xu
14 November

Private Law
Contract Law & Property Law

Tongle Si

Xi Lin

28 November

Business Law
Company Law & Competition Law

Guotong Shen

Qian Li

12 December

International Law
Public International Law & International Commercial Law

Doudou Huang Haiyang Yu
14 December Group presentation Students and Speakers


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