ICGI research fellows Schwarz and Wolf on the simplified adoption and approval of the annual accounts in light of recent legislative proposals

Part of the Act on the Simplification and Flexibilization of Private Limited Liability Company Law, which entered into force on 1 October 2012, was a simplified procedure to adopt and approve the annual accounts of a private limited liability company for companies where all shareholders are also on the board of directors. This simplified procedure has proven to be rather complex in practice and brought with it a slew of problems. Proposed legislative changes aim to fix these issues by revising the statutory provision on this simplified procedure.

In their recent contribution to the Tijdschrift voor Ondernemingsbestuur (‘TvOB’), ICGI research fellows Kid Schwarz and Rogier Wolf comment on recent regulatory developments aiming to solve these problems. Schwarz and Wolf argue the proposed changes are not sufficiently thought through and suggest a more suitable regulatory regime.

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