31 January 2022

GWFP's Lex Greeven wins poster prize

Lex Greeven, PhD candidate at the department for Gravitational Wave and Fundamental Physics wins poster prize at NWO Physics@Veldhoven.

The poster is about recent research from the LHCb experiment at CERN, where we see hints that electrons and their heavier "brother" muons don't interact exactly the same with the forces of nature. These "cautiously exciting" hints could mean that next to the Standard Model of particle physics, there is perhaps another, unknown force in nature. Further research using more data and different decays will hopefully tell us if there really is another force in nature. Personally, my research is about testing this using baryons, consisting of three quarks, instead of mesons, which consist of two quarks. This will hopefully give us an extra piece of the puzzle in the search for new physics.

It's great to know that a large group of physicists in the Netherlands appreciate my poster and the research done at the LHCb experiment. I think everyone secretly hopes that you win a prize, but it still comes as a surprise.
Lex Greeven
Poster Lex Greeven