GWFP researcher Dr. Jan-Simon Hennig wins Feodor-Lynen Fellowship

GWFP researcher, Dr. Jan-Simon Hennig, was awarded the Feodor-Lynen Fellowship from the German Alexander von Humboldt society.

With a start of the fellowship on 1 June 2021 and a duration of 24 months, Hennig will be investigating one of the fundamental limitations in gravitational wave detectors: thermal noise.

These thermal fluctuations in the materials and coatings of the gravitational wave detector can be reduced by choosing of low loss, high quality-factor materials. Or via cooling of the detector mirrors and suspension elements to cryogenic temperatures.

The fellowship is hosted by Assistant Professor and Humboldt alumni Dr. Sebastian Steinlechner of the Department of Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics and is embedded in the new ETpathfinder project.


Within ETpathfinder, this research will inform some of the missing puzzle pieces required for third generation gravitational wave detectors, such as the Einstein Telescope.