Globalisation & Law Network seminar with Ulf Linderfalk

On 22 May 2024, the Globalisation & Law Network held a seminar featuring prof.dr. Ulf Linderfalk (Lund University). His talk generated a thought-provoking discussion on international law led by Henrique Marcos.

Professor Linderfalk spoke about his recent book, 'The International Legal System as a System of Knowledge' (Edward Elgar, 2022). By incorporating insights from current research on epistemology, theories of knowledge, and theories of belief justification, he explained how various legal theories influence our perception of international law. These theories, in turn, influence the perspectives and approaches of both researchers and practitioners in this field.

Attendees from Maastricht and beyond posed questions that encompassed both the philosophical aspects of Professor Linderfalk's work, such as his account of legal realism, and the practical disparities in perspectives between judges in international courts.

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