Globalisation & Law Network seminar with Laura Mai

On 3 April 2024, the Globalisation & Law Network was pleased to welcome Dr. Laura Mai, Postdoctoral researcher at the Constitutionalising in the Anthropocene project, as a speaker in the context of its seminar series. Laura presenter her article ‘Navigating transformations: Climate change and international law’, which was recently published in the Leiden Journal of International Law. Marjan Peeters acted as a discussant.

Transformation is widely seen as an instrumental part of the global climate crisis response. It is also used extensively by public authorities, private companies, and civil society. At the same time, the in-depth conceptualisation of the notion of ‘transformation’ is still missing. Laura’s contribution therefore addresses an important gap in academic literature. First, it was highlighted how references to transformation in international law documents have become commonplace following the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Then, Laura presented an ontology of transformative change, focusing on the features of temporality, change, and engagement. This compelling analysis was followed by a set of reflections on the role of agency and responsibility in the context of transformation.

Laura’s talk sparked a vivid discussion on the challenges of reparative justice, the utility of sectorial approaches in tackling climate change, and the role of ideological underpinnings in international and European environmental law.

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