BISS Online Course for Professionals

Getting Started in Data Science

We are happy to announce a new edition of the BISS online course for professionals, “Getting Started in Data Science”, which kicks off on 11 May!

Judith Kamalski (BISS Managing Director) says: “It’s great to be able to announce a new and improved version of one of BISS’ flagship courses for Professionals: Getting Started in Data Science. Taking customer feedback and customer needs into account, this new and interesting program offers an overview of techniques and possibilities, and concrete tips to apply in your working environment.”

The academic director of this course, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Müller (Principal Investigator at BISS) points out that the course emphasizes the holistic nature of applying data science. “The program gives not only insights into techniques by which you can extract valuable information from data, but shows also how to use that information for improved managerial decisions and added customer value. Having followed the program, you're ready to discover and judge data science opportunities in your working environment.”

Professionals that want to make a headstart in the exciting and challenging field of data science can either follow the full program or choose from the modules individually.

More information can be found here.

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