Faces of Science is expanding with twelve new researchers

Felicitas Biwer from Maastricht University new 'Face of Science'

Psychologist Felicitas Biwer from Maastricht University (UM) is one of the twelve new "Faces of Science". This platform offers a glimpse into the world of PhD students, especially for 5 and 6 VWO students. Felicitas, Promovendus at the Educational Institute of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences is one of the new researchers to blog about their life in science.

A look behind the scenes of science

What does research entail? Why are you researching this particular topic? What is the life of a scientist like? Young scientists answer these questions and more on the website www.facesofscience.nl. They make blogs, photos and videos, which together provide a vivid picture behind the scenes of science. The site is therefore also interesting for a wider audience than students.

Biwer: research into learning methods

Biwer is researching ways to learn more effectively. About 75% of the students learn ineffectively and passively. They use strategies such as rereading or summarizing to prepare for a test, while research shows that more active strategies work better. Consider, for example, recalling information from your memory, such as testing yourself and answering practice questions. Felicitas investigates how we can best support students to use learning strategies that are more effective, but also more strenuous. Part of her research is the development and evaluation of the Study Smart training (www.studysmartpbl.com), a learning strategy training for students, which is already being implemented in various faculties at UM.

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