4 February 2021

Everyone wins: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence students work on business cases

As a student, you may find yourself wondering what the future has in store for you. Will your CV be strong enough to land your dream position? Wouldn’t it be better to change that line about shelf stocking jobs into something more closely related to your studies? Good news: for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence students, getting relevant work experience is now easier than ever.

Real-life applications, now with added realness

Putting one and one together, the bachelor’s programme in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence now offers the opportunity – in collaboration with Brightlands-based BSSC and BISS – for third-year students to complete a semester project with a company or organization. The mutual benefits are obvious: students profit from a taste of career, while organizations get valuable access to cutting-edge knowledge (and perhaps a head start on scouting their future data scientists and AI experts).

The new initiative complements the programme’s award-winning KE@Work track, which lets high-performing students take up a paid position at a company for two years, half time instead of participating in the regular project work.

Project-Centred Learning?
The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor’s programme revolves around project-centred learning (PCL). Students join forces in groups of 5 or 6 and work on two semester-long projects per year. These projects focus on real-life cases and incorporate the knowledge obtained through coursework, which covers topics ranging from artificial intelligence to applied mathematics and computer science.

Lift-off achieved

Last month, the first 30 participating students presented the results of their project work. Insurance company DELA, innovation-focused tech company Sitech Services, investment banking company BNY Mellon and the Dutch National Police Corps all provided projects for this trial round.

Following a successful pilot, the concept is set to continue next year. Would you like to be part of it? Curious students can explore the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programme during the upcoming Bachelor’s Open Day on February 6. Interested organizations can get in touch with BSSC.