EDLAB Education Innovation Project: Education That Moves You

The End of Sitting @ UNS40

A few weeks ago, we already wrote about The End of Sitting, an installation designed by architects RAAAF together with visual artist Barbara Visser, as it was introduced at VU Amsterdam. Now, the innovative installation has moved to Maastricht and can now be experienced at Maastricht University’s UNS40 at the Randwyck faculty!

The installation aims to offer an alternative to traditional sitting or standing. As EDLAB is promoting in its Education That Moves You project, we should move more to beat the disastrous effects our daily sitting habits are having on our health and well-being. The End of Sitting can be used as a social tool to meet and collaborate in a more upright position, making conversations more active and engaging. Or it allows individual users to find a position that fits their needs to read, work or just hang about.

Go to EDLAB's Education That Moves You project page.

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