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The dynamics of standing: the latest findings

With a growing body of research on the effectiveness of working while standing up, Fast Company summarised the main findings so far. Here are some key findings to convince you to stand up today.

Why should you stand up today?

  1. Our daily exercise cannot match the effectiveness of decreasing your sitting time. Standing more during the day will do more for your health than the 30-minute workout followed by an evening sitting on the couch.
  2. Standing impacts metabolic risk factors, increasing HDL “good” cholesterol. This is accompanied by a reduction in overall cholesterol associated with health risks.
  3. Sitting less improves your mood! “participants reported less fatigue, tension, confusion, and depression, and more vigour, energy, focus, and happiness.”
  4. Although research in the field is lacking, there are clear signs that standing improves your cognitive abilities. Participants in studies showed improved memory and attention.

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