Dr. de Ruijter debates on sexual violence and human rights in the ‘Buitenhof'

On Sunday, 17 January 2016, MCEL member dr. Anniek de Ruijter was a guest in ‘Buitenhof', a Dutch national television programme to speak with Yasmine Allas about the debate after the terrible sexual violence that took place in Keulen. The Programme is in Dutch. 

Dr. de Ruijter spoke with Yasmine Allas in het capacity as the Chair of Clara Wichmann proefprocessenfonds, which is a foundation that launches legal procedures and funds litigation to protect the fundamental rights of women. Fundamental rights also feature in dr. de Ruijter’s research on the implications for fundamental right of EU health policy and laws, on which she will publish a book with Oxford University Press this year, entitled ’The Expansion of EU Power in the Field of Human Health'.

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