21 April 2021

Crafting sustainability, value and beauty during Covid-19

Discovering opportunities in uncertain times...

According to Felizitas, despite the obstacles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic,  two main positives have come out of it. First, she was able to establish contracts with talented designers and other professionals, since many of them had previously been furloughed. Secondly, people had in general more time available to talk and collaborate, and were perhaps more interested in doing so due to the isolation of lockdown.

...and the lifelong skills and connections provided by UM

Furthermore, Felizitas has found the UM network to be amazingly supportive. Anyone she has contacted who has a mutual connection with UM has been more than happy to engage in dialogue and offer any possible manner of support. Moreover, she noted that her education at UM has trained her to be successful in her career in ways that she continues to discover, even now more than 10 years after she completed the Bachelor's program at SBE. In particular, she finds that it provided her with training in effective teamwork, proactive problem solving, and project management skills, all of which have been absolutely invaluable.

I started Oriad because I so strongly believed that there should be affordable jewelry that lasts more than one season. Jewelry is part of your style and part of your story. Memories aren't disposable, so why should your jewelry be?
Felizitas Oppel, Oriad Jewelry Founder and Creative Director
By: Alice Pan