Connecting people through football

This story starts in 2016, when Aaron Martin is still studying International Business in Maastricht. He finds economics, but also international politics, very interesting. Aaron is surprised by the growing anti-European sentiment at the time. Together with among others Benedikt Kau (University College Maastricht), founder of the WhyEurope platform, he wants to raise a positive voice. They want people to be able to show in an accessible way that they are proud of Europe. And what better way to do so than with a European football shirt?

Aaron Martin

Contributing to a more positive European sentiment

Aaron: ‘‘To our surprise, such a shirt did not yet exist, so we got to work. In the first period, we sold about 700 shirts through crowdfunding! My mother and brother helped pack all the orders. It is great that with this initiative we were able to contribute at a micro level to a more positive European sentiment.'' Meanwhile, Aaron is no longer involved in selling the shirts; he works as a consultant in Munich. Does he still wear 'his' football shirt? ''I like to wear it to the gym or when I play football. And it is still fun to see friends - and sometimes even strangers - wearing it!''

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Photography: Michel Saive.

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