Claudia Egher wins IDS Vision Essay Competition

Claudia Egher, PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,  has won the Vision Essay Competition at the launch for Maastricht’s new Institute of Data Science (IDS).

The competition invited submissions for visionary essays on the future of data-driven society. Claudia’s essay, titled ‘Digital Morning, or Manic by Design’, depicts a morally ambiguous future of personalized mental health and digital surveillance, inspired by her research on the enactment of bipolar expertise online.

Claudia’s essay illustrates the force of narrative and the imagination in addition to scholarly analysis in grappling with future social and ethical implications of technoscience, and was chosen unanimously by an interdisciplinary jury of senior researchers.

Claudia Egher-2

The jury praised Claudia’s essay for its vision of big data, and for giving the reader a sense of what it will be like to live in a new, big-data future. The essay was published on the Data Science @ UM community website. It was written ‘with a great sense of style’ and has ‘a surprising twist’, according to the evaluation of the jury.

Claudia is conducting her PhD at the Department of Technology & Society Studies at Maastricht University. Her PhD is funded by NWO and supervised by Sally Wyatt and Tamar Sharon.

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