International Day of Education 2024

Celebrating teaching and learning with EDLAB's interactive video

To mark the International Day of Education on 24 January, Maastricht University is delighted to present the latest interactive video from EDLAB, the heart of UM's teaching and learning community.

The EDLAB team collaborates closely with educators, researchers, and students across faculties, ensuring that the university's teaching and learning experience remains both effective and innovative.

Follow Lena Gromotka, Junior Innovation Coordinator at EDLAB and discover the centre's activities and services from four unique perspectives! Gain insights from Jacob Ward, a history teacher and researcher at FASoS, Therese Grohnert, an education researcher and teacher at SBE, and Daniel Rivera, a recent graduate of the PREMIUM honours programme coordinated by EDLAB. The video also showcases the vibrant community of educators and learners during the yearly UM Education Days held at EDLAB.

Through these personal stories and engagements, we hope to inspire our broader community and celebrate the collaborative spirit that defines Maastricht University’s commitment to excellence in education.

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