19 January 2021

Become a leader in the field of public health and care research!

Public Health and Care Research leadership programme

Research school CaRe developed, together with the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES), the Department of Primary Care and Public Health of the University of Cambridge and UMIO | Maastricht University the Public Health and Care Research leadership programme.

This programme is designed to support you to become an aspiring research leader and to explore different aspects of leadership in public health and care research. Focus will be on being able to lead yourself and others, developing an entrepreneurial mindset and creativity, building effective teams and skills to navigate the network, and knowing how to lead change. All in the context of public health & care research.

The uniqueness of this learning journey is that is specifically developed for researchers in the field of public health and care research, by involving established research leaders and expert leadership trainers to share their own insights and in-depth knowledge. Furthermore, it will be as tailor-made as possible, by incorporating your personal goals into the program.

During a 2-year learning journey, you will engage in two 2,5day modules per year, individual coaching sessions, mutual learning groups and inspirational content between the modules. Participants build their own Leadership Development Portfolio. The modules take place in Maastricht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Cambridge.

Registration fee for the total program is €8,500 (travel costs and overnight stays are not included). Researchers affiliated with the research institutes CAPHRI, Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, Amsterdam Public Health, and Nivel are given priority consideration for admission to the programme. CAPHRI can fill 2 – 3 spots. For CAPHRI participants in the first cohort the costs will be reduced to €7,000.

Are you a post-doc researcher with more than 5 years’ research experience, and do you have the ambition to improve your knowledge and skills to become a leading researcher in the field of public health and care research?

Please indicate your interest to Martijn Streefkerk (m.streefkerk[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl) accompanied with your CV and an endorsement letter of your PI before the 28th of January. You will then be invited to engage in the selection procedure.