25 April 2018

Applied Biobased materials Conference 2018

On the 20th of April Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM) hosted its third international conference on Applied Biobased Materials (ABC). This year's theme was: Biobased Materials for Innovations in Fibre Applications. It was an inspiring day for all 130 visitors.

PhD student wins best poster award

AMIBM - ABC 2018 - Geert Noordzij

During the breaks there were poster presentations. PhD student Geert Noordzij has won the Best Poster Award with his poster presentation about cyclopentanediol, a new biobased building block. One of the research lines within AMIBM focusses on developing polymer materials from new building blocks obtained from renewable feedstocks. The winning research of Geert, The curious case of cyclopentanediol, focused on a potential renewable building block to assess if this building block can be used for new functional materials.

The represented results show that predictions based on functionality can still hold unexpected behavior, and what we can learn from analyzing instability and degradation pathways of these building blocks and their related polymers. It was shown that the (unexpected) inherent thermal instability of one of these building blocks could be used as cross-linker to strengthen the polymer.

ABC Conference 2019

Next year the ABC conference will be integrated with Brightlands Rolduc Polymer Conference.
Save the date: 9-11 September 2019