19 December 2016
On the challenges faced by a young university 1976 - 2016

Anniversary book: The Maastricht Experiment

At the end of December, the book The Maastricht Experiment. On the challenges faced by a young university 1976 – 2016, written by historian dr. Annemieke Klijn will be published on the occasion of Maastricht University’s 40th anniversary. The new university, founded in 1976 as the State University of Limburg was expected to promote innovation within Dutch higher education by developing experimental degree programmes – which explains the title, The Maastricht Experiment. The obvious choice for the university was to adopt an international outlook – today, over half of its more than 16,000 students are from outside the Netherlands. As a non-classical university, it had to gain recognition within the existing university system: an effort that also enabled it to grow and acquire a distinct character. Inspiration for educational reform was sought – and found – in Canada and the United States.