The People's Salon

A salon for the Friends of Philharmonie zuidnederland

New Year's Eve has its rituals. Oliebollen and good intentions go hand in hand with the countdown before the new year starts. Another one of these rituals is the Top 2000, the radio program on NPO Radio 2 in which listeners compile a list of the best popular music. What makes the countdown to number 1 - Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody for years - so special is not only the music, but also the stories that listeners tell about their favorite song. A shared past emerges in the recognition of the experiences of others.
We know that classical music is also linked to stories from the counterpart of the Top 2000 on NPO Radio 4, the Heart & Soul List. The presenters know that listening to Bach, Mendelssohn, Dvořák or Ives can touch, inspire, move, energize, comfort or bring memories to life. How do we ensure that the audience not only listens to classical music, but also to each other's stories about that music? That question is the starting point of the second experiment that the Maastricht Center for the Innovation of Classical Music is conducting this season together with philharmonie zuidnederland: The People’s Salon.