Mailbox moves to Microsoft 365 Cloud

Within UM, we use e-mail for collaboration and communication. The current version of Microsoft Exchange Server will soon expire, which is why we are switching to Microsoft 365 Cloud. This will allow applications to collaborate more and better via one central platform.

Are you having trouble with webmail? Check here the actions

What's going to change?

Nothing changes in the way you send e-mail messages. The only thing that changes is the location where your mailbox data is stored. Your mailbox is moved from the internal Microsoft Exchange Server to Exchange Online.


  • By default you get a larger mailbox (50GB/100GB depending on your account type, student, employee, etc.).
  • Nothing will change in your mailbox, all your existing folders will move with you
  • Always automatically the most up-to-date and secure e-mail environment
  • For users who use MS Teams there are additional advantages:
    - You get a new tab called 'Calendar'. This is your Outlook Calendar.
    - The status of MS Teams is automatically updated with your Outlook and/or Teams status instead of
      only the Teams status. So non-Teams meetings are now also visible in the presence.
    - Now you can use your Outlook contacts in MS Teams

When will this change take place?

The move to Microsoft 365 Online is startedin phases in Q4-2022. Before your mailbox will be moved to Micorosft 365 Online, you will receive an e-mail form ICTS Servicedesk. You will receive also a reminder.
What do you have to do before switching to Microsoft 365 Online?

  Change your e-mail profile of your mobile phone in time 
  Check your settings of other e-mail applications such as Mail for Windows 

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

No action is required. Once the move of your mailbox is complete, you will get a pop-up from Outlook asking you to restart Outlook. Follow these instructions and Outlook will detect the new settings. You may get a pop-up asking for your credentials. In that case, use your UM e-mail address and password to log in.

Outlook for Mac / Mail Apple Mail

If you are using Outlook for Mac please follow the following steps: Outlook 365

If you are using Apple Mail please follow the following steps: Apple Mail

Outlook Web App (webmail)

Outlook webmail

Accessing your mail via Outlook Web App (webmail) changes slightly, but the procedure for logging in remains the same. When your mailbox has been moved and you try to access your mailbox via, you will get a message telling you to click on a link that refers to The first time you log in this way, you may get a second screen asking for your e-mail address. This will only be asked once.

PS: When you get an error message instead of the link please clear your browser history and cookies as instructed.

Mobile phone

Your e-mail profile on your mobile phone needs to be recreated. First delete your current e-mail profile. How you do this depends on the type of device you are using. After deleting the profile, follow the steps described on the given links.

  Remove profile Create new Profile
Android mobile device using Microsoft Outlook 

Please remove the current mail profile from your device 

  • Open the Outlook app 
  • Go to ‘Settings’ 
  • Select the account you want to remove 
  • Hit ‘Delete Account’ 
  • Tap ‘Delete’ again to confirm 
Apple mobile device using Microsoft Outlook 

Please remove the current mail profile from Outlook 

  • Open the Outlook app 
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select the account you wish to remove 
  • Tap ‘Delete Account’ 
  • ‘Delete’ to confirm 
Android mobile device using Gmail  

Please remove the current mail profile from your device 

  • Open ‘Settings’ 
  • Select ‘Password & accounts’ 
  • Click the account you wish to remove 
  • Press ‘Remove account’  
  • Confirm the remove action 
Apple mobile device using iOS Mail 

Please remove the current mail profile from your device 

  • Open ‘Settings’ 
  • Select ‘Mail’ 
  • Choose for ‘Accounts’ 
  • Click the account you wish to delete 
  • Press ‘Delete account’ 

Custom e-mail applications (e.g. Thunderbird, Mail for Windows)


Once your mailbox is moved, your e-mail application cannot synchronise. You may get some errors such as 'could not synchronise' or 'mailbox not found'. Delete your current e-mail profile and set up a new one with the following settings if necessary:

Port 993 587
Encryption method SSL (START)TLS
Authenthication method* OAuth2 OAuth2
Username e-mail address e-mail address
Password UM-password UM-password

* This setting is only needed for Thunderbird users. If you don’t see this option, please run ‘Re-test’ first. 

If you are using MyTimetable, please pay attention!

The link between MyTimetable and your calendar will be terminated the day before the migration. This means that all future items that MyTimetable has placed in your calendar will disappear on the day of the move. You must re-enable this link yourself after the migration. The steps required to achieve this can be found at the Maastricht University webpage by searching for ‘My Timetable’.